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Steak Marinade


- 1 C. Vegetable Oil

- 1/4 C. Lemon juice

- 1/4 C. Worcestershire Sauce

- 1/2 C Soy Sauce 2 teaspoons salt

- 1/3 C. wine vinegar

- 1 Tablespoon black pepper


  1. Marinate steaks in the fridge for several hours or overnight.

  2. Bring to room temperature.

  3. Drain excess marinade for second use, if desired.

  4. Cook steaks low over high heat until seared nicely.

  5. Then raise your grill and continue cooking until the meat juices bubble.

  6. Turn with tongs to retain the flavorful juice.

  7. Continue cooking for the your desired doneness.

(recipe from Linda Downing)

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