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Linda's Punch


- 3 Large packages of Jello--any flavor

- 12 Cups of water

- 7 Cups of sugar (it calls for more but this plenty)

- 1 Large Frozen Lemonade and suggested water

- 1 can of Lemon Juice and water

- 2 large cans of Apricot Nectar

- 2 Large pineapple juice

- 1 Large frozen orange juice plus water


  1. Boil together in large stock pot

  2. If you make this amount the stock pot will not hold all the recipe

  3. Dump the stock pot mix into my 2 containers, half in each container

  4. Now add the two top mixtures a little at a time making sure it is added evenly to your containers

  5. You can also put it in 2 gallon Ziploc bags and freeze it

  6. FREEZE until ready to use

  7. Thaw just enough to get large chunks in your punch bowl

  8. Then add Sprite as needed to make slushy.

  9. You can also half this recipe. Do this if you aren't expecting a huge crowd.

(recipe from Linda Downing)

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